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Faculty Advisory Council

is the official voice of the faculty
to the administration

BYU Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) works closely with the Academic Vice President and makes formal recommendations to the Academic Vice President's Council at least annually. Traditionally, the University President attends the annual FAC presentation to the Academic Vice President's Council. Recommendations of the FAC are seriously considered in the decision-making process by the administration, and decisions made regarding recommendations are reported back to the FAC.

The FAC is regarded by the Administration as being representative of the faculty, as its members are nominated in popular election by their faculty peers in each college. The FAC does not consider itself to be a federation of college representatives. Each member represents the entire University and gives careful consideration to their effect upon the University as a whole.

To address a variety of faculty concerns, seven FAC committees have been created to more effectively consider issues which affect the faculty and its functions of teaching students and developing new knowledge:

  • Diversity & Belonging
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Faculty Culture & Support of Faculty Roles
  • Teaching & Research
  • Physical Facilities & Environmentally Sustainable Culture
  • Family-Friendly Policies
  • Mental & Physical Health

Each committee considers the issues that are most pertinent and after thorough research prepares recommendations to submit to the Administration.

Recent FAC Achievements
Diversity & Belonging
Compensation & Benefits
Mental & Physical Health
Teaching & Research

Diversity & Belonging

  • Wrote a proposal for a university-wide strategic plan and diversity and belonging office.
  • Wrote a statement of concern regarding the "Homosexual Behavior" portion of the honor code. In light of CES changes to the honor code, we did not submit the statement of concern.
  • Wrote a request for a formal response to racism, sexism, homophobia, and other bigotry at BYU.
  • Connected with multiple people and groups on campus who are engaged in diversity and belonging efforts, including Blake Fisher, Louise Wheeler, Julie Franklin, Steve Sandberg, Ben Ogles and Laura Walker; First-Generation Student Club, Faculty Center Diversity Network, FHSS DCI committee.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Worked closely with the Family-Friendly Policies Committee on Birth Control and Health Care Proposal. This included meeting with Administrative Vice President of Human Resources at BYU, David Tueller.
  • Requested clarification of benefits offered to faculty and retired faculty, and the processes associated with benefit changes
  • Developed Clean- Air Proposal that was presented to AVP Reese on February 3,2020.

Mental & Physical Health

  • Developed and began putting into practice messages faculty can use in the classroom to open dialogue with students on mental health issues. Messages were discussed with Steve Smith of CAPS and George Handley of the Faculty Center, who both endorsed the effort.
  • Developed a proposal to the administration to increase coordination with faculty towards improving mental health of students.
  • Asked for and received a response from the administration on policy for faculty who may have church worthiness challenges.

Teaching & Research

  • Offered a reasoned response to proposed final exam policy update.
    • We offered input on proposed changes to the current policy.
  • Explored research, resources, and other institutions on the topic of Experiential Learning Office.
  • Crafted request for further guidance and clarification on experiential learning and inspiring learning.